Welcome to Decorate Down There and Decorate Your Dick We have a unique and exciting set of high quality penis decoration products to wear that do not require any piercing.

The rings and "dickie doos" are all made of high quality glass beads, precious stones, and metal. Each is stretchy and adjustable to fit most dicks. We have hundreds of satisfied customers that wear their product in many different settings including nude resorts and beaches.

A new design is out that wraps around all of your penis and scrotum. A very relaxing fit and a design that does not attach to the penis.

Rings are worn typically right behind the head but can be worn anywhere along the shaft of the dick. Rings are normally worn on a dick in a flaccid state. We are not liable for wearing the product in a manner not described or shown here.

Even though the rings are adjustable, one size does not fit all. Custom orders will be accepted. See the "How to Wear" section of this Website to see how to measure for custom orders.

Add your items using the "Add to Cart" buttons. All transactions are handled by PayPal which accepts all major credit cards. Our work is gauranteed as long as you own the product, no exceptions.

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Contact us if you have any questions!